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Carol's Story Corner

This web page is about all carol's stories for young children. She many different kinds of stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man, The Friendly Bear, etc... This is good for anyone looking for a bedtime story for his/her children.

Girls On

You Girls that are into see the new films that are coming out you should check this site, you will find all your favorite movies here.

The Dinosaur Interplanetary

Do you want to learn more about dinosaurs?? Well here is your stop. Go to this web page and you will find all the interesting facts about dinosaurs.

Theodore Tugboat

WOW!! Theodore Tugboat is here. Check this out, there is collectibles, and sites for children to go to.

Cool Science for Curious Kids

Does your kid like science????? Is he/she interested in cool science and stop here to see why snakes, monkeys and lizards like moose.

Great Site:

This is a great site for kids to ask questions and to learn more about science and technology.


This web site is about Inventors that have invented something that is very important to the world today. You can find out who invented the light bulb or even what Leonardo da Vinci was famous for.

Interactive Model Railroad

At this web site you can see how to operate a model railroad. It also shows you the different kinds of box cars there are.

Leo Ussak School "Nunavut"

This is a school that is in the new territory of Nunavut. You can find out facts about Nunavut and the children's perspectives about life in the Arctic. You can also ask questions to the people in Nunavut.

Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre has a lot of different locations you can go to. You can find what's playing on the omni-max, the new exhibits, also the special programs and activities that is going on there.

Space Zone

You can discover Space events, the history of NASA and the entertainment that comes along with it.

Joan Irvine

Here you can make your own pop up books and also you can read some of Joan Irvine books.

The Young Writer's Club

Do you ever have dreams of being a writer??? If you do try joining this club where your abilities in writing will improve.

Children's Storybook's Online

This web site contains stories for young and old children, as well as for young adult's. There are also maze's, coloring and riddles for children to participate in.

CBC Playground

Hey, boy's and girl's, if you want to know about Arthur and of other show's for young children to watch. Check this out! This site also contains crafts for children to do, you can meet new friend's.

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