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Download syllabic fonts to your computer, search the Oji-Cree English dictionary, listen to a legend, and more...


Find out some creation stories here at this web page. The legend and myths were passed down by generation to generation and made it on the web where everybody can see them. So here are some legends that might come to interest, Creation Stories, Sun Wheel Dance, etc...

Native American Mythology

Have you ever wondered how the man got on the moon??? Well stop here and read the 6 simple stories and find out how he did. With this story you can sit down around the camp fire and tell the stories to the children.

Sitting Bull

Now you can relive the life of Sitting Bull with his battle in Little Big Horn. As Custer and Sitting Bull going head to head on the battle field with neither one of them backing down the war begins to be at its greatest. Will General Custer beat Sitting Bull or will he get his freedom???

Native American Tribes and Nations

Do you want to know a little bit of the native people before you?????? Here you find out about Geronimo, Chief Josef, Sitting Bull, etc... You can see what they have done to make their names so famous. This is a good information page so come in look and browse around for awhile a maybe you find something that is interesting.

Native American Authors

You can find out what other books your favorite Native American wrote or else you can find you favorite book by the title and find out who is the author. This web site will help you find the information on the author that you like the most.

Nothern Wood Carvings

Here you can look at Ron Sebastian wood excellent wood carvings. His carvings are really fantastic and you should come to this web page and check him out. There are links that you can go to, see other artists.

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