Ontario Youth Science, Technology and Engineering Resources

OYSTER is a catalog of Ontario, Canadian and international education resources available via the Internet. OYSTER is here to help you find the information and resources you need to do your school work, plan your lesson or satisfy your interest in science and technology. Check it out.

Youth Resource Network Of Canada

This is a great site for looking up career information on the web (training and education, jobs and so much more). The site was created as part of the Canadian Youth Employment Strategy. Check it out.


This is good for any high school or college/university students that are into Biology. This will help you understand biology better than ever. You can get a free trial, than if you like it you can subscribe it.

Chemistry Place

This has a wide variety of views on the chemistry world. This is for people that want to learn more about chemistry. You can get a free trial, than you like it you can subscribe it for a small fee.

Nye Labs Online

If your not into science and do not like it, well visit here and I bet this site will change your mind. It is Bill Nye online. It is a fun easy way to look at science and you will spend hours in here. You could learn how to do some fun and easy experiments at your own home.

An Amazon Adventure

Like to learn more about he amazon????????? You can ask questions and connect to links about amazon or anything of science. You can learn about the animals and plants that live in the amazon. Have you always wanted to know what is the diverse habitat in the world????? Well you can find it in this sitewith lots more information.

Wonderful world of Insects

I bet that you didn't know that 95% of all the species on this plant are insects. There must be billions and billions of these guys, so where do these guys live????/ what do they eat????the answers to these questions are hidden in this site so come and visit. At this web site you can learn a bunch of facts about insects and it can connect you to other web sites that are to interest.

The Science Museum

This web site contains a variety of interesting things. It is the science museum and you can find anything that you want that is anything of science. Check out the eclipse on this site it is pretty cool. From there you can enter the eclipselab.

The "Science is Cool" Page

Have you ever wondered what DNA and Protein does to your body? Well if you check this site you can find much more answers to this question. You can find links concering this question and this is a good way to gather up information about the different kinds of cells in your body.

Cool Science For Curious Minds

This site is for children who want to learn more about animal's, their bodies, astronomy and much, much more.

The Why Files

Here you can interact with a lot of diferent types of topics related to science. These topics range from Tecnology, Biology, Physical science etc. You can learn more about the Windy Planet, If you havn't heard of this planet come and check this site out and find out more interesting sites out.

The Interactive Frog Dissection

Have you ever wanted to perform a lab that dissects frogs? well at this web site you can perform this operation. You can learn how to cut them as well as what organs they have. Making muscle, incisions, skin incisions and how to perpare them for the lab is all there.

The Great Canadian Scientists

Learn more about some of the great canadian scientists, that have had success in there lives. Did you know that Canadian scientists have won the nobel prize 8 times in the last 17 years? You can learn this and a lot more about canadian scientists at this website, so come and check it out and explore the amazing world of scientists.

The world of plants

Do you want to know more information on plants, well come and check this site out. This site has a lot of
information about plants. So, come check it out and learn witch plants are blooming right now.

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