Are you a computer whiz interested in volunteering your expertise overseas.
NetCorpS Staff
If you are between the ages of 19-30 and currently looking for work experience, then join an exciting information and communication technology internship program through NetCorps Canada International

Funded under the Federal Government's Youth Employment Strategy, NetCorps participants share their computer knowledge with public, private and non-profit organizations in developing countries for up to six months. Upon return, participants have a more global perspective and a well-developed set of work skills.

NetCorps is delivered in partnership by Industry Canada and nine of Canada's most experienced volunteer sending agencies. The agencies identify overseas work placements and partners, recruit youth and provide training ,and support services throughout the internship.

By March 31 st, 2001, 500 young techno-savvy youth will have been placed in over 63 developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central America and Central and Eastern Europe. 250 interns have already returned from the first year with very positive results.

For more information about NetCorps, check out their web site at

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