Youth Resource Network Of Canada

This is a great site for looking up career information on the web (training and education, jobs and so much more). The site was created as part of the Canadian Youth Employment Strategy. Check it out.

Slam O.H.L.

Hey sports fan, want to know what is happening in the Ontario Hockey League???? This is the official site for the C.H.L. (Canadian Hockey League) and you can connected to any sports activity from here. Browse through the teams and pick out who is hot and who is not and also see who are going to be future stars in the N.H.L.

Sports Line

Here it is, every sports fan dream. With the wide coverage that Fox Sports does in each sport it can only make a sports fan happier. See what is coming up in the sports world and see your favorite stars perform their duties as they face head-to-head against each other.


See the top stories today as you cli
ck onto T.S.N. web pages. You can see what T.S.N. has to offer you. The top Canadian sports network can show you the latest news on sports and see its broadcasting schedule to see it live on T.V.


Find you favorite football player here. See a college who is going to be a top prospect in the next N.F.L. Draft. You can go into College football

Major League Baseball

Hey baseball lovers how would you like to get the latest news of M.L.B. and also get all the statistic's of every team and every player up to date on one web site. Well you have found it here at the Official site of the Major League Baseball. You can even listen to games live off your computer and see the next time that they are playing.

Sports Parents

Here is a site for parents to encourge there kids to play hard and not to make negative remarks to his or her child or to other children while they are playing a game. You can ask questions to a nutritionist, or a phychologist or even a sports doctor. This well also tell you a little about coaching, and all the different types of coaches. Check it out and you will find some information that will be useful.

Adventure Sports Online

Do you like the outdoors?? You can find out a lot about the outdoor activities here at this web site. You can find about women's sports, organizations, products that you can buy, etc. You can find just about anything that is related about the outdoors here so come and check it out.

Just Sports for Women

Here is a site for just women only, it contains sports that women are involved in. You can chat, find the latest news and also find interviews about women that has been successful in the past. Guys are not the only ones here who can kick the ball or slap shot the puck so can girls so come and check this site out.

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